It's Hammer Time

Yes. Yes I did use that pun. 

This is a shout out to Hammer Productions, the guys behind the British greatness that was Hammer Horror Movies from the 1950s to the 70s. During its strongest years it was a company that dominated the horror film scene, something that writer and actor Mark Gatiss presented a brilliant series about on BBC4 a few years ago on A History of Horror With Mark Gatiss.

The Hammer films were my first dalliance into the horror genre when I was a teenager, watching films with my Da that would cause him to constantly chirp in with "Oh this bits good" or even say lines along with the actors. The worst. 

Of course the production company will be known best for the likes of the classics: The Curse of Frankenstein and Dracula that were released at the beginning of its story. Troubles did lay ahead with the rise in popularity of Hollywood movies in the late 70's onwards, but good news kids! In 2010 a Dutch media tycoon bought the company, and it has since released such successes as Let Me In and The Woman In Black