Double Double Toil And Trouble

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" "Er...a witch, obviously!"

Ok, so continuing with this month's theme of all things terrifying; I thought I'd go with a subject that as a kid I used to be partially obsessed with: witches. I promise this wasn't any voodoo or hexing kind of nonsense (although now that I'm older and wiser I reckon I'd hold a lot more willingness to use such powers). 

Sometimes I would use my 'gift' for what I suppose could be termed evil, in that they were purely selfish; giving myself a beauty spell, concocting love potions, the ability to finish homework by clicking my fingers and whistling at the same time- a spell particularly hard to achieve. I was of the generation that watched Sabrina the Teenage Witch, but it wasn't just the pure of heart who grabbed my attention. I could watch Hocus Pocus or The Witches, and whilst I was filled with fear whilst watching Bette Midler or Anjelica Huston do their thing, afterwards I always pinned a sheet over my head and rushed around the house, hiding in corners and cackling manically. Oh the joys of youth!

So, here's a countdown of my favourite witchy movies, some from when I was a little'un, and others I discovered recently. All of them deserve a good watch. 

Holy Molley the moment when they all pull off their wigs and their faces! Shudders all over. That kid Luke really needs to learn to mind his own business. 

The Sanderson sisters singing 'I Put A Spell on You' is one of cinema's greatest moments, I don't care what anyone has to say to the contrary. Has everything you would expect and want from a children's horror film, and the older I get the more affection I have for it. 

Must have been about fourteen or fifteen when I first saw this, and watched it again a couple of months ago for the first time in ages. It's actually pretty brutal and I'm surprised it didn't affect me more at a younger age. Fairuza Balk is perfect as Nancy. Also has a woc as part of their coven, which adds sooo many bonus points. 

4. The Witches of Eastwick

Cher and Susan Sarandon in a film together? Er... yeh, I'm in! I've always found Jack Nicholson a bit repulsive but I guess that adds to his whole persona as the devil in this one.  Some pretty trippy and surreal moments, and sometimes the special effects are pretty dodge, but it all adds to the charm. 

Veronica Lake is an absolute babe in this one. She comes back after 300 years to seek revenge on man, and specifically one, who is the ancestor of the brutish puritan who condemned her to death. Her performance is all sex and wit, and her turn as Jennifer also happened to offer the inspiration behind Bewitched.