This Month's:

June's theme has been 'Bright Young Things', and there could only ever be one...

First a confession- as a child hearing the music of Kate Bush, I put most of it down to caterwauling and absurd subject matter. But as my rambunctious teenager years arrived she became less a figure of ridicule and more a reassuring image of female power, grace and intellect; everything my awkward 15 year-old-self yearned to possess. And seven years on my opinion of her really hasn’t changed. 

Catherine Bush was born in 1958, and before she reached her 20th Birthday would have her first single released to huge critical and audience acclaim. Her debut song Wuthering Heights entered the charts just as the British music industry’s love of punk died off. Offering a blistering contrast with her four-octave range and references to Gothic Literature, Kate provided a breath of fresh air and a truly romantic form of escapism for her listeners. 

Kate was the first ever woman to have a UK number one with a self-written song- amazing- and did it all whilst channeling the broken hearted ghost of Catherine Earnshaw- even better. The music video that accompanied the single just adds to her eccentricity; all ethereal, flowing white fabric and a strong use of her dance and mime, YES MIME skills. 

Tamara and I used to be obsessed with Babooshka (I say used to), and The Man With The Child In His Eyes has been known to bring a tear to our eyes, and we ain’t even embarrassed, that’s one emotional song. Naturally her music was featured in the closing ceremony for the Olympics last summer, showcasing some of the best music the country’s produced, and in April of this year the gorgeous Kate truly graced us all with her seldom seen presence, by accepting a CBE for her services to music. 

The Heauxs salute you Kate Bush, never ever change.