About Us

As a writer Becca will scrawl about pretty much anything she can get her hands on, but gets particularly animated when talking about cinema or history. 

 James Baldwin's her eternal literary deity; she often daydreams about the self-indulgent Sunday brunches they would have spent together if they’d been able to meet. 

When not baking, reading about European and Asian history, or begging her cats for attention, she likes watching films, with 90’s chick flicks and investigative documentaries at the top of her love list.

Tamara-Jade loves nothing more than pulling up a pew in a museum and scribbling to her heart's content.

As a freelance illustrator, there's a special place in her heart for art that feels confessional; you can thank the honesty of artists such as Adrian Piper and Jenny Holzer for that. The drawings you see on here are hers, so feel free to comment or make a request if you like what you see.
Being half English, half Nigerian, Tamara-Jade finds the divergent perspectives her heritage brings tends to colour the choices of media she prefers to consume, the likes of which she writes about here on Heaux Culture.

If you need someone to recite Kanye's College Dropout to you, reasons why Sister Act 2 is better than the original, or an old wives' tale about afro hair care, she's the gal for you.